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:''This article is about the former denomination. For individual churches of the same name, see Methodist Episcopal Church, South (disambiguation) The '''Methodist Episcopal Church, South''', or '''Methodist Episcopal Church South''' (MEC,S), was the Methodist denomination resulting from the 19th-century split over the Slavery in the United States|issue of slavery in the Methodist Episcopal Church (MEC). Disagreement on this issue had been increasing in strength for decades between churches of the North and South; in 1844 it resulted in a schism at the General Conference of the MEC held in Louisville, Kentucky. This body maintained its own Ecclesiastical polity|polity for nearly 100 years. It did not reunite with the elder Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Protestant Church (earlier separated from Methodist Episcopals in 1828) until 1939, then formed the The Methodist Church (USA)|Methodist Church. The national...
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